01.04.2015, Leisure-time physical activity from mid- to late life, body mass index, and risk of dementia

Alzheimers Dement. 2015 Apr;11(4):434-443

Tolppanen AM, Solomon A, Kulmala J, Kareholt I, Ngandu T, Rusanen M, Laatikainen T, Soininen H, Kivipelto M.

The study investigated the associations between leisure-time physical activity from mid- to late life, the risk of dementia, and the role of body mass index, sex and APOE during 28-year follow-up. Moderate and low levels of midlife physical activity were associated with higher risk of dementia in comparison with the most active category. The benefits were more pronounced among men, overweight individuals, and APOE ε4 non-carriers. Maintaining high levels of physical activity or increasing physical activity after midlife was associated with lower dementia risk.

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