Written applications should be delivered by 1 June 2012 at 15:00 (3 pm Finnish time) at the latest.

The University of Eastern Finland is a multidisciplinary university. The university’s areas of expertise in research are Forests and the Environment, Health and Well-being, and New Technologies and Materials. In addition to the above areas of expertise, the university has also selected two regionally and nationally significant fields in which the university’s research activities will be further strengthened. These fields are Broad-Based Expertise Pertaining to Russia and Selected Fields of Teacher Education. Further information at: www.uef.fi

The university seeks to support the qualification and gaining independence of promising researchers who have recently finished their doctoral dissertation. Another goal is to support the renewal and internationalisation of the university’s research activities and researchers. The duties of the post-doctoral researchers include completing the research presented in the research proposal, participating in the supervision of academic theses in the post-doctoral researcher’s field of research, and giving teaching in the field in question.

Successful applicants to the post-doctoral researcher positions will hold a doctoral degree, which may not have been completed more than five years before the application deadline. Applicants who have gained their doctorate more than five years ago can be considered only for special reasons, such as maternity, paternity, parental or childcare leave, military service or non-military service, or long-term illness. If the applicant pleads these special reasons, they must be justified in the application. The doctoral degree may have been completed in Finland or abroad. Experience in international research cooperation, international researcher mobility, and intents of engaging in international researcher mobility will be regarded as merits.

The University of Eastern Finland invites applications for all fields of research of the University of Eastern Finland. The persons appointed will be placed in the faculties and departments of the University of Eastern Finland. The post-doctoral researcher positions will be filled for a three-year term beginning on 1 January 2013. The salary is placed on level 5 of the job demands level chart of the teaching and research staff in the salary system for Finnish universities. A person can be appointed only once in a life time for the post-doctoral positions provided by the strategic funding of the university.

The written application addressed to the executive board of the University of Eastern Finland should be delivered to the registry office of the Joensuu or Kuopio Campus by 1 June 2012 at 15:00 (3 pm Finnish time) at the latest.

University of Eastern Finland
Kuopio Campus
P.O. Box 1627
70211 Kuopio

University of Eastern Finland
Joensuu Campus
P.O. Box 111
80101 Joensuu

The free-form application should include a CV, a list of publications, a copy of the PhD diploma/certificate, and a research proposal (maximum of 10 pages). The applicant should indicate in his or her application the unit in which the work will be completed and his/her contact person at the University of Eastern Finland. The applicant may also include other documents to demonstrate his or her merits for the position (e.g., a statement from the opponent, letters of recommendation, etc.).

Further enquiries:
Research Coordinator Anu Liikanen, anu.liikanen@uef.fi, tel. +358 40 723 8551.
Administration Centre 15.4.2012