Once a year the scientists working on Alzheimer’s disease in academia and industry come together at an international meeting to present and discuss the recent advances in Alzheimer’s disease research. In 2009, this took place at the ADPD 2009 in Prag.

For the first time, all EU-funded Alzheimer-related projects came together this year, at an official Satellite meeting to the ADPD on March 11, 2009. Initiated by Prof. Tobias Hartmann from Saarland University, coordinator of the FP7 FOOD project LipiDiDiet, 15 out of the 16 projects which currently receive EU funding under the framework programmes 6 & 7 came together to exchange information, identify potential for future collaboration or other synergistic benefits as well as to highlight the importance of this topic.

Prominently placed at the morning of the first day of the main conference, the EU-Satellite attracted a considerable audience of about 200 scientists.